September 3, 2009

Random thoughts

Posted in Furbabies, Infertility, Life at 9:39 am by lifebytheday

I haven’t been able to wrap my brain around any sort of entertaining (or even coherent!) post, but thought I’d share some of the things currently bouncing around in my mind…

  1. Happily, Killian and Bailey are finally starting to figure each other out.  If Bailey settles down, Killian will venture out from under the couch, but that only lasts until Bailey realizes that her new little brother is really just a cuddly toy that moves.  As soon as Killian walks away from her, she takes off after him…they do a quick loop around the kitchen, he darts back under the couch, and Bailey resumes whimpering. 😉
  2. I really need to find the energy to accomplish ALL of our laundry at the same time, because right now, the pile of my clothes that need to be put away is starting to resemble a mountain on the verge of a landslide.  The way I currently handle it is to wash my clothes, hang them on clothes horses, and then just take off outfits as I need them.  The problem with that is that the clothes stay there so long that they actually start to smell, and I have to rewash a good chunk of them!  But by the end of a long work day, I’d MUCH rather crash on the couch, watch tv, hang out with S, play with the animals…anything besides do laundry!  And when I do manage to do a few loads, it’s always towels, or S’s clothes…  But S promised he’d help me tonight – we have a laundry date – aren’t we romantic? 😉
  3. A good friend sent me this link today ( to a story about requiring background checks for IVF patients.  She was totally horrified, which was super cute, but I actually wasn’t that surprised.  It’s already so difficult to get approved for adoption or insurance coverage for fertility treatments, why wouldn’t they add another hoop for infertile people to jump through, just to be able to be parents like everybody else?!
  4. Our appointment with the new RE is Tuesday morning.  I’m excited to finally be moving forward, but I’m also nervous and anxious (partly because I know what to expect, but also because I’m scared that it won’t work, again.)

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