September 1, 2009

Welcome Killian!

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We picked up our newest addition to the family yesterday – meet Killian! 
(We decided to save “Jameson” for doggie #2.  I know, we’re insane ;-P)

He was really tired last night after his surgery, but he has already settled in.  (As I write this, I’m working from home and watching him run and slide across my hardwood floors. 😉  His grandma just brought over a toy fish on a string and he has been playing with it for the last hour!)

Bailey loves him so much she wants to eat him, so we spent the night holding Killian up high and trying to teach Bailey “leave it” lol!

Some pictures 🙂






On the way home






Curled up on the window seat





Poser 😉






Checking out Daddy’s beer!

(P.S, S never drinks Bud Light but had one in the fridge and was like, make sure you get the label in the picture and we’ll send it to them, LOL!)


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  1. iamstacey said,

    Killian is absolutely adorable! I just love him! What a flirt! 🙂 I love watching the kitties slide across the wood floors, too funny!

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