August 27, 2009

It’s the little things…

Posted in Remodeling at 9:08 am by lifebytheday

Before our bathroom renovation can take place, we also needed to replace the water line from our house to the street.  Our pipes are so old that we literally had NO water pressure – i.e. if the sprinkler was on, the kitchen faucet wouldn’t turn on…if the washing machine was running, you couldn’t run a bath…etc.  We knew back when we moved in that we’d eventually have to get it fixed, but there were a lot more pressing things (hello, roof?), so the pipes got put on the back burner.  Now that we’re going to have a big fancy whirlpool tub 😉 we figured we should probably have the water pressure to fill it!

So the pipes were replaced yesterday and S got a call around noon, saying that they were done, that everything went great…but that we still had NO water pressure.  Apparently the water flowed fine up to the water meter, so the problem had to be in the house.  (P.S. This was post-$2,000-pipe replacement.)  S asked them to take a look at some of the internal plumbing and luckily, the first pipe and valve they replaced fixed the problem!

When I got home, S and I ran around opening all the faucets, watering the lawn, and doing the dishes – ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  And then went out for Chinese food to celebrate.  LOL!  We haven’t been this excited since we bought a piece of remnant linoleum and a folding table and called it a laundry room! ;-P


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