August 26, 2009

My fairy godfather

Posted in Infertility tagged , at 3:09 pm by lifebytheday

In preparation for my appointment with the new RE in a few weeks, I called last week and left a message asking to speak with my “old” RE (he was on vacation all week).  I was kind of worried about it because it felt a lot like breaking up with somebody (!), but I wanted him to know that I was going elsewhere before he was notified of my request for medical records.  Purely on the basis of location, a change was necessary, but I still felt badly about it.

I just got off the phone with him and I feel SO much better.  Not only did he completely understand my need for a change, but he said that they are the best fertility center in Boston and that my appointment is with the best doctor they have!!  He told me to make sure they know about my history, specifically:
— I have PCOS, with high testosterone and larger-than-normal ovaries
— I “dramatically” overrespond to fertility meds
— I was previously hospitalized for internal bleeding after an ER (maybe check for bleeding conditions?)

I also told him that I had heard that center was considered “conservative” and asked what he thought.  He said yes, possibly, but that it is better to be somewhere that will closely monitor me, because I am essentially considered “high risk.”  That made me feel good – not that I’m high risk (although I’m not surprised, I’m type A about everything else, why not be an overachiever here too? ;-)) – but that he truly felt (and told me!) that I was in exactly the right place.

He closed the conversation by wishing me well and making me promise to follow up with him, once I’m PREGNANT!  What a sweetie… 😉


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