August 24, 2009

Weekend update, part I

Posted in Life, Puppy, Remodeling at 2:54 pm by lifebytheday

So it turns out I wasn’t just grouchy, I actually was sick!  I stayed home Thursday and Friday and did some much needed resting – wasn’t even feeling well enough to read, just napped and watched TV. 

The weekend was eventful for other reasons.  Saturday morning S and I went to a bathroom showroom to decide on our tub and vanity…and let’s just say that we weren’t speaking by the time we got home.  I’ll leave the part in the middle to your imagination. 

Once home though, we noticed that Bailey’s right eye was dripping and goopy and swollen, so I took her to the “emergency” vet’s office.  Three hours and $250 later, this was Bailey.
















They think that she must have gotten a bug bite above her eye, and in the course of scratching at that, actually scratched her cornea.  S thought I was crazy for bringing her right away, but the doctor told me that I did the right thing – that eye problems are nothing if you catch them early, but that they can turn into BIG problems if let untreated.  Vindicated!  😉  Anyways, we had company over Saturday night and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening trying to prevent Bailey from crashing into things with her cone, lol! 

I think I’ll leave it at that.  The events of Sunday really deserve their own post, and some pictorial evidence, so look for that tomorrow.  😉


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