August 7, 2009

One…or two…or one…

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So now that the countdown has officially begun for our next IVF cycle, I’m back to doing what I do best…worrying and overthinking. 😛  I’m actually feeling very positive about this cycle, but there is definitely a lot to think about.  One of the biggest decisions that we’ll have to make with the next cycle is whether to transfer one or two embryos.  With the past two cycles, only one embryo made it far enough to be transferred each time, so S and I never had to worry about that decision.  Going forward, I am hoping that with a new protocol we’ll have much better egg and embryo quality and that we’ll hopefully have the option of transferring more than one embryo (and maybe even have a couple left over to freeze for later! ;-)).

When S and I started down the road to IF treatments, we discussed and acknowledged the fact that twins were a possibility (especially with Clomid, the medication that I was on initially, which occasionally causes more than one egg to be released).  However, accepting the fact that twins are a possibility is much different than consciously deciding to transfer two embryos.  Generally, the recommendation is one embryo for women in their 20’s, two in your 30’s, and three in your 40’s, however, each time, you have the option to override the doctor’s recommendation (to a point…no option of octuplets, lol!). 

There are also clearly pros and cons to each option.  If you transfer one, the only two possibilities are one baby or no baby.  When transferring two, there is a built-in safety net in the event that one embryo does not “take,” but if both survive, twins are actually very risky.  You don’t hear about it as much as with triplets or other higher-order multiples, but there are a lot of complications with twins, for both the mother and the babies.

At this point, S is really excited and ready to be a father, and is leaning towards transferring two.  (Especially because years ago, his mother went to see a psychic who said that the next babies in the family would be twins, lol. ;-))  However, I’m still not sure.  Here are my thoughts:

  • Pro – we could have two babies for the price of one!
  • Con – health risks for me and the babies
  • Pro – if one doesn’t survive, we’d still have one baby for our “trouble”
  • Con – two babies would take twice as much money and effort
  • Pro – no one would expect me to return to work if we had twins, right?!  I mean, two daycare payments??
  • Con – my mother might have to move in to help for a while, lol
  • Pro – if we aren’t able to get pregnant again, I would be happy with two children (although I’ve always wanted four)
  • Con – if we were able to get pregnant again, I wouldn’t want our next child to feel left out (so I’d clearly need to have two more! :-P), but who’s to say we’ll be able to get pregnant TWO more times??

I’m sure there are even more pros and cons that I’m not thinking of…  For any of those out there that have been through this, what decision did you make?  How did you decide?  And did it work out like you had hoped??



  1. iamstacey said,

    I’m so excited for your IVF cycle! Here’s hoping this is THE ONE! 🙂

    I’ve thought about that a lot, too. I think I’d go for more embryos transferred, but I’m older. You are definitely smart to consider both the costs and the health issues.

  2. jolene1079 said,

    Wow, that is a tough decision – whatever you decide, it will be right for you, though. You two are really thinking everything through, so I know that for a fact!! Now we’ll have to have some fun before you can’t drink again hehe 😉

  3. Jess said,

    I vote two embryos – and I also volunteer to move in to help 😉

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