April 29, 2009

Easter goodies

Posted in Family, Life at 8:46 am by lifebytheday

As I mentioned before, I have some fun stories to share from the past few weeks…

On Easter, my uncle brought S a very special bottle of Irish whisky.  And S promptly hid it for later so that he wouldn’t have to share. 😉 

Later in the day, we convinced him to bring it out…but the bottle had other ideas.









This is S and my dad determining which law of physics will enable them to be drinking whiskey in the next five minutes…they’re often partners in crime. 

One of my favorite stories of the two of them is from the first New Year’s Eve after I had met S.  My dad decided that S’s Budweiser taste needed a little culture, and so set out to indocrinate him to the taste of scotch.  That particular night, my dad poured two scotches, and tried to convince S to try it.  After S refused, Dad drank his and then S’s…couldn’t let it go to waste!  A little while later, Dad tried again, and again ended up drinking both!  The night pretty much progressed from there, until around 11:30 when my mom found my dad asleep on the bathroom rug. LOL!









Here’s Dad again, after they got it open…entirely too proud of himself.  😉









And this is the rest of the family (and yes, we realize that everyone is wearing blue). 😉  Look, Dad couldn’t even wait for the toast!  LOL.  All in all, it was a great afternoon and a very happy Easter. 🙂

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  1. jolene1079 said,

    LOVE IT! Can I come to your holiday parties? They sound like a blats and always involve liquor 😉 Ok I just sounded like a total alkie 😉

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