April 27, 2009

Oh, what a beautiful morning!

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I’m back, finally!  S’s family was visiting from Ireland around Easter, and stayed with us for almost two weeks.  My house and I have just finally recovered enough that I can get back to blogging!  More stories to come later…

It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend here in Boston and we definitely took advantage of it.  On Saturday, I babysat and S started digging in the backyard for what he hopes will eventually become a koi pond.  Saturday afternoon was spent drinking vodka-lemonades in the backyard with S and his brother. 🙂  Sunday, we got up early and went down to the local boathouse, rented an aluminum fishing boat and went out on the river with S’s brother, nephew…and Bailey.  We decided that we needed to get her a life jacket – which seriously, was the funniest sight I’ve seen in a long time – well, at least since we put her in a seatbelt for the first time! ;-P

















After a few hours with no luck, we headed home to relax in the backyard.  S relaxed for approximately 10.5 minutes before he was up again, suggesting a bike ride.  We rode over to my parents’ house across town (2 miles, to be exact), with Bailey on the leash beside us.  S helped my dad rake and then we headed back.  After we finally got home, we got all three of us showered and then passed out in front of the T.V.  We actually had to keep poking Bailey to make sure she was alive. LOL!  All in all, it was a great weekend, and a wonderful taste of the summer to come.


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  1. emily said,

    Love the pics – so cute!!

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