April 9, 2009

The man-handle

Posted in Exercise at 9:35 pm by lifebytheday

We’ve recently started a new program at work – HR has negotiated an agreement with a local yoga studio to provide classes in the office, at a discount.  I signed up, along with one of my coworkers, and we’ve been doing it for the past few weeks, every Wednesday at noon.  The first few weeks were what you expect from a yoga class – calm, peaceful, and a lot of stretching.  Then, this Wednesday, we got a new instructor. 

He was a total riot, cracking jokes the whole time, and distracting us enough that we didn’t realize that we were actually working, and HARD.  All was well until we started doing back-bends…  Mr. Comic-Yogi begins by explaining that back bends shouldn’t actually put all of the pressure in the back, and tells us to sit and watch him for a minute. 

So he lays down on his back, bends his knees and asks “What’s the highest point on my body?”  “Your knees…”  Right. 

Then he lifts his hips off the floor (just a bit, not high) – “And now?” “Still knees…”  Yes. 

Next he pushes into a back bend with his belly in the air, and all together the class says “Stomach.” 

Then he says “Now if I shift my weight towards my hands, now what’s the highest point?”  “Your chest?…”  Yes, chest and shoulders. 

“Now, if I shift my weight towards my feet, what’s the highest point?”

I’ll leave to your imagination what was the highest part at that point…!  The room went dead, everyone refused to state the obvious.  Seriously, I know we’re all adults, but that was almost more than any of us could stand.  I think he finally realized what he had done and quickly says “Yup, my hips – now you try!” LOL!!



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  1. Jess said,

    HA!! That is hysterical! I love it!

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