March 30, 2009

Seat belts save lives

Posted in Puppy at 11:26 am by lifebytheday

Since Bailey was a puppy, she has always loved the car, so between that (and the fact that we were totally obsessed with her, lol), we ended up taking her everywhere.  One of the problems though, is that my softie hubby used to let her sit on his lap as a puppy – even while he was driving!  And NOW, she expects to be there all the time, never mind that she’s about thirty pounds heavier!  After one particularly harrowing trip, where I was trying to keep her from climbing into my lap and nearly drove into a tree, I decided it was time for Bailey to get a seatbelt.

I did some research and found a product called the Ruff Rider, that seemed to be good quality and well tested.  It finally came in the mail on Saturday.  When we put it on Bailey for the first time, she literally froze…would not move.  It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.  This big fluffy puppy, squeezed into a seatbelt harness, and frozen in place.

We tried it a few times until she felt more comfortable, and then did a couple test drives with it on her but not buckled into the car.  Yesterday afternoon was the first time we strapped her in…again, as soon as she realized she was buckled, she froze.  It took us the entire half hour trip to Home Depot for her to realize she could still move with it on, and all she managed to do was slide down onto her belly and put her head on the console between us.  We could practically hear her…”Mom?…Dad??…Why do I have to stay back here?? …Can I come up front with you…please????” 😛

Here’s a photo as we were pulling out of the driveway – she was frozen in that position for a good ten minutes. LOL


…and yes, the photo is blurry – it’s not your eyes. 😉


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  1. jolene1079 said,

    OMG that is a RIOT!!! I would have loved to have seen that. Bailey is such a doll, such a sweetie!

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