March 3, 2009

For the love of babies

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One of my very best friends had a little boy on Saturday, and I’m so excited to meet him!  I’m going to see them this afternoon…just counting down the hours!  *Update* Just got a call from my friend warning me that the baby has a little jaundice and is not “holdable” at the moment 😛 and that she’d understand if I didn’t want to make the drive out there to see them today.  She’s so cute.  I told her that of course I still wanted to come see them, and that it didn’t matter if he wasn’t holdable, that we get to keep him (!), so I’m sure I’ll get to hold him soon. 🙂

That is the one thing that I am so thankful that infertility has not taken from me – the ability to be around babies and pregnant women, and truly rejoice in the miracle that is life.  Infertility may have destroyed my control, my dignity, my body (!), and my bank account…to name a few…but at least it hasn’t ruined my ability to enjoy babies!

I know that some people can’t stand to attend baby showers or see baby pictures, and I am so glad that I haven’t had to deal with those (totally valid!) feelings.  I obviously get sad that I don’t have a baby (or a bump!) of my own, but thankfully am still able to be genuinely happy and excited for those friends of mine lucky enough to get pregnant.  I love spending time with my friends and their children…and almost have to get that “baby fix” from time to time!

With all that said, if my friends weren’t totally wonderful and understanding, I think it would be completely different.  Most of my close friends know that we’re dealing with infertility, and they are all (mostly!) sensitive to what we’re going through.  My friend who just gave birth is the most wonderful of all.  She just completely gets it and always knows what to say, so it was (and is) so easy to be over-the-moon happy for her. 

I just have to wait, and pray, and believe that God will bring me my baby when he or she is ready. 🙂


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  1. jolene1079 said,

    So, saying things like I’ll give you my uterus is helpful? LOL kidding 😉 Love this post, and your outlook. So great!

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