February 5, 2009

Boys and their toys

Posted in Infertility, Marriage tagged , , at 9:23 am by lifebytheday

Last night, S and I went out to look for a new sheet set, and two hours later, came home with a 42′ plasma TV!  I’m still not quite sure what happened, but I know that S has wanted a plasma for years, and has not stopped talking about it since we moved into our house last May.  I guess this is one of the differences between men and women, but we have a perfectly good TV and I just couldn’t justify the purchase on top of our mortgage and all of our infertility bills!  S agreed, but little did I know that he’s been squirreling away money, just waiting for the chance to buy a plasma. 

So we were out at the mall last night and drove by Circuit City (who just happens to be going out of business and offering all sorts of ridiculous deals), so S asked if we could go in and “just see…”  Long story short, we drove away with a plasma in the car!

I’m feeling so conflicted…we have so many other things that we could use the money for, but S has been so understanding (well mostly!) with all of the money we’ve spent on treatments, acupuncture appts, organic food, herbal supplements, blah, blah…that I feel guilty for being annoyed.  He works so hard, and if this is the one splurge that makes him feel happy, then I guess we’ll survive.  I won’t be telling him that though…he “owes” me one!  Maybe a trip to the spa 😉


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